Hey Tomcats!! Croydon’s finest cult punksters Johnny Moped have finally gone and recorded a long awaited follow up to their 1991 2nd LP The Search for Xerxes and what a cracker it is too!! 

Incidentally there first LP entitled 'Cycledelic' released in 1978 was named sixteen years after its original release as one of the best fifty punk albums of all time by The Guinness Encyclopaedia of Popular Music.

Johnny Moped are now back with three of the remaining original members Johnny Moped,Slimey Toad and Dave Berk along with long time live members Jacko Pistorius and Rock N Roll Robot AKA Rob from London cult Ska/Punk band 'Case'

The album was produced by Jez Larder,Richard Coppen and the Johnny Moped band.

Here we have an exclusive track by track preview courtesy of the excellent Mr Ian Damage of Damaged Goods Records.

Track 1: Real Cool Baby 

A perfect opener to the LP featuring an infectious guitar riff and Johnny on top vocal form.

Pure pop or punk or rock n roll,whatever you want to call it really.

This is the 2nd single release from the forthcoming album of the same name available in Green and Yellow vinyl too! 

Track 2: I Ain't No Rock N Roll Rookie 

I drunk a lot my liver is shot....great lyrics and classic Moped with a real sing along mentality to it.

This was the first single released ahead of the LP last year which made no 3 in the UK vinyl singles chart too.

Track 3: Everything is You

A perfect 2 minute love song Moped style with great lyrics and a big chorus to boot, very touching really.

Miles Jackson plays Saxophone on this track as well.

Track 4: I Believed Her Lies 

This track in a more synth based form originally appeared on the Xerxes LP and has been a live favourite ever since, a great catchy song all round.

Track 5: Burt Bullet Head 

A rockier song here perhaps written about a geezer he met down his local boozer or at Dingwalls? 

I love the reference to the seventies sitcom 'On the Buses' too.

Track 6: Give It Up

No not a cover of the KC and The Sunshine Band single but more rock n roll Moped style.

Featuring vocals in order by Johnny,Jacko,Rob and Toad.

Johnny plays the lead solo on guitar too, talented chap eh?

Track 7: Simon Can't 

A very amusing song in tribute to saturday night pop demi-god Simon Cowell very groovy indeed.

Whose that CAN'T!!! 

Track 8: Post Apocalyptic Love Song (The End) 

Apocalypse Moped!! 

Track 9: Musical Bore 

Johnny wants you to relax listening to a tuneful song about someone you may or may not know, great chorus too! 

Track 10: I Wanna Die 

Another unrecorded live favourite from the Moped heyday.

I don't wanna work for British Rail indeed.

Track 11: Super Woofa 

Originally the B side to Rock N Roll Juvenile and of course worthy of inclusion on the LP too.

Track 12: He's Got It 

Another great raucous rock n rock number done in a way no one else but Johnny Moped can do.

Track 13: Honey Bun 

A duet with Johnny Moped and Dr Nina Furtwangler (for real!!) 

Great guitar solo too.

Your place or mine?

Track 14: Paint My Aubergine 

Johnny in full rock god mode singing a song full of naughty innuendos, what does he really mean?? 

Or on the other hand it could be a song about painting Aubergines red and blue in Crystal Palace colours down at Surrey Street Market in Croydon.

Featuring some really crazy guitar work too! 

Track 15: Running Scared 

A classic stomper with a riff in true Motörhead style.

1.27 mins of pure rock n roll!! 

Lemmy would have been very proud of them.

Track 16: Something in My Head 

A more mellow song here with Johnny in a reflective mood, great lyrics and bags of atmosphere.

A perfect end to a really great album.

The album will be released on the 25th March 2016 available on Gatefold LP Vinyl, CD and ltd edition Cassette!!

MONKISH Quorn is Murder Review

Well how can I even begin to describe an album like this!!!!!

With a very cheeky nod to 'The Smiths' in the title of the album and also on the track ‘There is a Cunt that Never Goes Out’ this 5 piece comedy cabaret punk/pop band from London literally barnstorm there way through a set of fast paced songs which also include diverse titles such as ‘Diabetic Lover,Toilet Nazi,OCDC,Never Mind the Horlicks and Hobosexual’

Thankfully all songs on this album are performed well with great gusto,witty lyrics and a good sense of bawdy British bad taste humour too making this album recommended listening but most definitely for the broadminded listener only.

Nice one !!!


You had better send me your first album to review now lads!!

And of course you can click on this link below and purchase a copy of the album.

Album reviewed by Mark Williams.

Quorn is Murder info

The lineup that recorded this album is as follows:

Brad Frugal - Lead Vocals and financial irregularities

Juno Waramien - Guitar and utility belt

Jimmy Savant - Another Guitar and acting campily

Leo Harvey - Bass and shiny pants

Martyn Mincington - Drums and neurose

Band Biography

Formed in London in 2005, Monkish have steadily increased their fanbase by playing regularly, and picking up support slots with the likes of Bad Manners, The Vibrators, Johnny Moped, Anti-Nowhere League, The Members, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Jilted John, and Neville Staple.

Monkish have played at the Blackpool Rebellion Festivals no less than 9 times between 2007 and the present,  They have also played at Rebellion Festivals in Austria, Italy, and Holland, and have arranged their own tours of the USA, Germany (3 times), and Belgium (3 times).  They also travelled to Ireland to play the Drumacanoo Punx Picnic in 2009 where they appeared alongside Sleaford Mods.

In 2011 they released their debut album, “You Can’t Polish a Turd” which was very well received, and received a higher score than the Red Hot Chilli Peppers new album in Big Cheese Magazine. The song “Please Don’t Piss In My Microwave” was voted Best Punk Song of 2011 on Gary Bushell’s Rancid Sounds show on Total Rock FM.

Their second album "Quorn is Murder" was released in June 2018 and was produced by Dick Crippen of Johnny Moped/Tenpole Tudor/King Kurt fame.

With a large number of gigs and festival bookings already in the diary for 2018 and beyond, it promises to be another busy year for the eccentric outfit.

Exclusive Album Preview Ten Digit Freak-The Weird Things

I had the real pleasure of reviewing the very first album from London based band The Weird Things the other day and I'm glad to say it's a real belter from start to finish.

Here's my review on a track by track basis and yes it's that good!!

Track 1 Dirty Dog

“Hey Baby, what do you want with that gun?”

A great down n dirty-punk/ rock n roll opening track with a killer hook too.

Lead singer Charlie's strong vocal shine throughout.

This track always goes down well at live gigs.

Track 2 Can You See Them?

“Can you tell who the monsters are? “

Another guitar/drum led track with a very catchy hook and great vocals.

You may be humming this for weeks after a few listens.

Track 3 Colin

Here we have a rather sinister song probably about a type of person everyone knows, which opens with an acoustic/flamenco guitar building into a great guitar led punk/ rock n roll song.

Track 4 Mr Jones

A strong slow drum beat opening develops into another great song with strong vocals from Charlie and a really catchy hook too.

Track 5 Rock And Roll Jugglers

Another great guitar led song with some strong anti-USA lyrics.

Track 6 Tick-Tock

A very doom laden and atmospheric song in the tradition of Siouxsie/Killing Joke, great abstract lyrics too.

Track 7 Smile Hello

A great punky fast song with great use of fuzz tone guitar throughout.

Track 8 Ten Digit Freak

This strong title track has a real sixties feel to it with a harmonica and Jews harp much in evidence.

Martin Parrott tells me he wrote the lyric based on the idea that someone was born with 8 thumbs and two fingers.

Track 9 Lay Out Your Soul

“Lay out your soul for all to see”

Mega catchy Ska/Reggae tinged song with great lyrics and an anti-religion vibe.

Track 10 Keep It Gold

This is a guitar led slower song with a strong chorus too.

Track 11 Pay the Piper

A lighter jangly pop song and a live favourite too.

Track 12 Ultimate Sin

“You peed in my hot tub”

A very funny novelty song sung in 1920’s fashion by Charlie and a real showcase for her excellent voice too.

On the basis of this excellent first album I am really looking forward to the second one to be recorded at Panther Studios, Surrey this autumn.

The album is due out on Vinyl, CD and download shortly.

Please check for updates on the bands website below.

The Weird Things are as follows.

Charlie - Vocals / Mr Jan - Bass Guitar / Simon Peet - Guitar

Martin Parrott - Drums / Dick Crippen Guitar

Leila Parrott - Backing vocals / Sam Beven -Backing vocals

Reviewed by Mark Williams

When All Is Said and All is Done is the new album from Department S and their first since the 2011 live album entitled Mr Nutley’s Strange Delusionarium.

The current band line up consists of the following.

Eddie Roxy: Vocals

Alexander Lutes: Drums

Phil Thompson: Guitars, backing vocals

Pete Jones: Bass Guitar, backing vocals, extra guitars, Reason programming

Sean Freeman: Saxophone on Age of Control

Andy Trussler: Piano on Frozen Room

This album was recorded in London during 2015 and was produced and mixed by Pete Jones ( former PIL bassist ) and is being self released through the JAM UK record label on 31st March 2016 in both digital and CD formats.

A limited edition Vinyl release is planned for release later in 2016.

I have now played this album a number of times and I’m very pleased to say it just gets better and better with each listen.

The album starts with Kings of the World a really strong opening track which has a bit of everything including a very catchy bass line plus some nice drums and guitar work on it too.

Second up is I Said You which carries on in a similar vein with stronger guitar work.

The title track (and next  single) When All Is Said and All is Done comes next which is another strong song that touches on some older style sixties influences in its harmonies.

Long March Is another great track with a really nice mix and even has a guitar solo in it.

Frozen Room has a ring of Troops of Tomorrow about it and is simply brilliant with some really moody piano bits played by Andy Trussler too.

I Believe is a much more commercial really catchy and dare I say a tad poppy and would make a good single.

Persia Dance A quite funky track which would go well with I believe as a B side - if they still exist!

On My Own Again This is my favourite track from the album which is a bit faster than the rest.

Cause. A very funky guitar led track in the style of David Bowie’s Fame.

Age of Control  Is a much longer guitar led track that's a bit of a dub version of some of Persia Dance mainly instrumental with some nice saxophone work by Sean Freeman.

Reviewed by Richard Aitman